New Solutions for Latin America

Transforming Lives and Changing Nations

We look forward to working with Solution Partners who will help create and sustain New Solutions for Latin America. There are five categories of Solution Partners.

1. Private Donors Many individuals would like to help those in need living in Latin America, and wish to work with a reliable organization that will put their funds to best use.

Due to current economic conditions in many Latin America countries, even a small donation can have a large positive impact in the lives of children, soldiers, police, and others challenged by stress and violence in their environment. Larger donations can transform entire towns, states, and nations.

  • A monthly donation of just $2.00 will support an indigenous child to meditate every day at school.
  • Your $20 monthly donation can support 10 student meditators.
  • It costs as little as $35 a month to support one member of a TM Coherence-Creating Group in low-income countries.
  • A monthly donation of $200 will support 100 students meditating together at school.
  • Especially in low income countries, $400 a month will support a full-time teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program who can change the lives of hundreds of Latin Americans each year.
  • The cost to train a new TM teacher is $2,500. Many more teachers are needed now to support the expansion of the New Solutions Project.
  • Our goal is to raise funds to train 1,000 new TM teachers, and to create permanent.

Coherence-Creating Groups of 10,000 people practicing the TM-Sidhi program throughout Latin America.

Make a donation, or contact our office to learn more.

2. Charitable Organizations Our goals and programs are completely aligned with the objectives of many established charitable organizations seeking to improve the world.

New Solutions for Latin America is ideally positioned to work closely with established charitable organizations based in Latin America. We are also prepared to work with charities located elsewhere in the world that would like to provide support to Latin American nations.

The Transcendental Meditation technique has been proven to be effective by more than 380 research studies published in 160 scientific journals, and the technique is systematically taught by certified TM teachers worldwide.

Funding from charitable organizations can be used immediately and effectively to change many lives for the better. Charities that support the New Solutions project will receive regular reports on the progress of the programs that they are funding.

Let us know if you are interested in helping fund a new project.

3. Government Agencies We are already working closely and successfully with government agencies throughout Latin America on the local, state, and national levels.

Government organizations are under constant pressure to solve problems and provide an improved life experience for the citizens of their city, state, or nation. Every year, millions of dollars are spent in an attempt to achieve this goal, often without success.

Government agencies around the world are beginning to take advantage of Transcendental Meditation and Coherence-Creating Groups as a cost-effective way to meet the needs of their citizens.

Governments at every level now have the opportunity to fulfill their stated purpose through the New Solutions program. They can provide the approval for new projects, recommend specific locations where the program should be implemented, and offer partial or full financial support.

Contact our office if you’d like more information on government programs.

4. Corporations and Businesses Many businesses are actively seeking programs that will allow them to “give back” to their own communities, as well as to help people in need worldwide.

Businesses know that the foundation of their success comes from the individuals who purchase their goods and services. On that basis, businesses are increasingly interested in using a share of their profits to help support projects for their local communities.

There are also successful businesses with a global vision, that are seeking to provide timely financial support to other countries where economic or security conditions are an obstacle to the peace and prosperity of the population. Many Latin America nations currently face these challenges, and can benefit greatly from outside assistance.

New Solutions for Latin America is an ideal partner for corporations and businesses that would like to give back to society, whether locally or in other countries of the world.

Get more details if you are interested in supporting a New Solutions project.