New Solutions for Latin America

Transforming Lives and Changing Nations

You can play a central role in creating New Solutions for Latin America, and help bring relief and peace to hundreds or even thousands of people in need.

1. Provide Funding Your financial contribution will make the Transcendental Meditation technique available to students, soldiers, police, children of war, drug and street rehabilitation, prisoners, and other citizens of Latin America.

Everyone is invited to contribute what they can to bring New Solutions to students, soldiers, police, children of war, drug and street rehabilitation, prisoners, and others in need throughout Latin America.

For those living in developed nations, due to your stronger currencies and exchange rates, your donation amount will allow many more people to learn the Transcendental Meditation technique in Latin America than it would in your home country.

If you are a wealthy donor or charitable foundation, you can support entire schools to implement our proven technologies, including the TM technique and TM-Sidhi program, provide funding for large groups of women at risk, or help soldiers recover from post-traumatic stress, all of whose lives will be transformed by your generous gift.

Governments may already have a budget for addressing the serious needs of their citizens. In this case, it is a simple step for them to begin funding a proven program that has been highly effective in many other countries around the world.

There is also the option for crowdfunding a New Solutions project through an established fundraising service such as or

Make a donation or read more about our donation levels.

2. Start a New Project You can bring New Solutions to an organization or community in Latin America whose members will receive great benefit from learning the Transcendental Meditation technique.

One of the most important roles you can play is to identify locations or organizations that could benefit from the TM program, and then introduce our organization to their local leaders.

Here are five steps you can take to help start a new program:

  1. Make contact with the leaders of an organization who can approve and possibly fund a local program.
  2. Introduce the leaders to us so that we can give them a full picture of the benefits and details about implementing a New Solutions project.
  3. If you are involved with an organization that is interested in a project, do your best to encourage and help move the approval process forward.
  4. Work through the logistical details for getting the new project started and well established.
  5. Continue to serve as a resource and a supporter for the program once it has begun.

Contact us to discuss potential projects.

3. Join a Project There are ongoing New Solutions projects in many countries of Latin America. You can participate in a project by learning the TM technique and TM-Sidhi program. To create the greatest positive effect, you can join a large continental Coherence Group.

If there is a New Solutions project in your local area, you can offer to help make connections, spread the word to other individuals or groups, or even take the steps to become a TM teacher. Another option would be to move to a location where there is a large Coherence Group practicing the TM and TM-Sidhi program together, and help bring increased positivity and success to an entire nation, or to Latin America as a whole.

4. Make Connections You can play the important role of serving as the crucial link between those who are in need of assistance and a New Solutions program that can help fulfill their needs.

Do you have access to government leaders, school administrators, rehabilitation program directors, the police and military, businesses, or other organizations that could benefit from a New Solutions project?

If so, we invite you to make the connection between that organization and New Solutions for Latin America. Just one successful introduction could change the lives of thousands of people in a city, state, or nation.

Your connection can help also solve long-standing problems for the sponsoring organization, while bringing less stress and more happiness for the many people that they serve.

Let us know about possible connections you may have.

5. Spread the Word Many businesses are actively seeking programs that will allow them to “give back” to their own communities, as well as to help people in need worldwide.

With seemingly unending news about problems around the world, we all find it refreshing to hear about a solution that is actually working to improve the quality of life for those who have been faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges.

New Solutions for Latin America has a very positive story to share, and you can be a channel to get that good news out to the world.

  • Contact your favorite news outlets and let them know about the positive changes that are being enjoyed in Latin America.
  • Blog about New Solutions for Latin America projects, and include links to the videos and quotes on our website.
  • If you are a journalist, consider doing an interview or feature story about the New Solutions Project.
  • Tell your friends about our program, and share the links to our website and videos.

Check in with us if you have any questions about working on publicity.

6. Become a TM Teacher Attend a TM Teacher Training Course to gain the necessary knowledge and teaching skills, then share your gift by transforming individual lives and changing the world.

Many more certified teachers of the TM program are needed in Latin America. By attending a TM Teacher Training Course, you will gain the ability to transform lives and bring peace to troubled individuals, families, towns, states and nations.

You can also help organize permanent large Coherence-Creating Groups of TM meditators, and be a force for positive change for the entire world.

Learn more about becoming a TM Teacher or teaching in Latin America.